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Campaigns & Events


Every year Agri Aware run a number of campaigns, initiatives and events across Ireland creating awareness of the value of modern agriculture and farming.

Mobile Farm - Only currently available in Connacht

Dates: Ongoing

The Mobile Farm is a unique outdoor classroom that is used to educate children and adults via a hands-on learning experience.

Our Mobile Farm only operates in Connacht currently.

The Mobile Farm unit safely and humanely transports animals to any school, company or event.

Sustaining Ireland Campaign

Dates: Ongoing

We invite you to learn about our farms, discovering the various people and families who are producing your food, and the environmentally friendly farming methods that they are using to ensure our shared future is protected for generations to come.

Virtual Farm

Dates: Ongoing

In the absence of being able to visit your local farm due to COVID-19, take a walk around our virtual farm from the comfort of your living room. Learn about the different aspects of farming, animal types, produce and interesting facts.

Many Hats, One CAP

Review: 2018-2019

Agri Aware’s ‘Many Hats One CAP’ campaign consisted of a year-long programme of interactive communications initiatives and events across Ireland. The campaign included advertisements and a series of National Open Farm events.

Christmas Puzzles for Schoolkids

Download them now!

As we look forward to the festive period, why not download some of our free, fun Christmas Puzzles.

Solve them at home or in school. Get yours now!