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Social Media Policy

Last Reviewed: June 2021
Reviewed By: Agri Aware

Agri Aware’s social media platforms and websites are designed to highlight work and campaigns we are running regarding the promotion of Irish agriculture and enhancing the understanding of Irish agriculture and food production amongst consumers and the general public. All statements and materials posted by contributors and/or Agri Aware employees reflect the views of the individual contributors and do not reflect the views of Agri Aware. We welcome and encourage your participation on our social media platforms and websites but ask that you respect Agri Aware as well as other users on our social media platforms and websites. By interacting with our platforms and websites, you must adhere to our online community rules.

  • Please remember that when you do post to our social channels and mention our social media handles, the content you post is visible to everyone who visits our platforms.
  • Remember not to share any personal contact information. All private information should be shared via private means i.e. via the private messaging features available via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • We expect all those who visit or engage with our social media platforms and websites to do so in a respectful manner and we reserve the right to remove any content that we deem to be inappropriate, abusive or profane.
  • Agri Aware reserves the right to remove posts we feel are inappropriate

Blocking/reporting social media users

Agri Aware will block and/or report social media users who direct posts at us which we believe are:

Abusive, contain graphic or sensitive imagery, racist, personal attacks, deceptive or misleading, in violation of rights and laws, spam or persistent negative posting in which the aim is to provoke a response.

Anyone consistently and repeatedly engaging with us using content and language which falls in the above categories will be blocked/ reported to the social media platform in question.

  • We reserve the right to block/report users who spam, attempt to phish, troll, or misrepresent yourself as someone else. This includes multiple or repetitive posts on the same general topic.
  • Please do not post anything that infringes on the intellectual property, confidential information, or privacy rights of others without consent including where people are the focus of photographs. We reserve the right to block/report users who engage in such activity.
  • We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.

We encourage:

  • Do get involved and share your experiences
  • Do respect others
  • Be mindful of tone
  • Think twice before you post
  • Be enthusiastic and positively engage on social media platforms
  • Follow the rules of social media platforms

For further rules relevant to social media platforms, visit:


Responding to user queries We aim to respond to your social media queries within a few hours, but it can take up to two working days. We’ll try to assist you where possible. Our working hours are 9 to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We’ll deal with queries outside this time as soon as possible.

We monitor all comments and reserve the right to remove posts and content, in particular those posts that break these rules. Should you notice any posts or comments that you feel fall into the categories listed above, please contact us through private message or by email :

Our team is online Monday-Friday: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (GMT) and will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Agri Aware may change our social media community rules at any time