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Schools can sign up here: Farming Through the Seasons | Virtual Farm Tours for Schoolkids (

Agri Aware (virtually) bring Farmers into Irish Classrooms

Farming Through the Seasons is a new Agri Aware initiative where Irish schoolchildren can learn all about what happens on a farm from the farmers themselves.

Farming Through the Seasons

Throughout the four seasons, different farmers from different types of farms will host virtual farm visits where the children can see what happens from a safe distance and ask any questions they might have.

This project is brought to schools thanks to the generous support of Agri Aware patrons Tirlán, ABP, Kerry Group and Dawn Meats.

For many young children, their first experience of where their food comes from is the Supermarket shelf. The programme has come about due to that concern over an ever-growing disconnect between Irish people and our food, and where that food comes from.

Farming Through the seasons can help demonstrate to children how their milk, meat, cereals, fruit and vegetables make it from the farm to their fridges and cupboards.

Farming Through the Seasons

This programme can help the children’s health, create lasting respect for food producers, instill a willingness to pay for quality food, and create awareness of animal welfare standards.

Alan Jagoe, Agri Aware Chairman said: “Farming Through the Seasons is a very important project for us. It will help bridge a knowledge gap for many children about where their food comes from.

“Irish farmers produce some of the highest quality and sustainable food in the world and it is important for us all to learn that at the earliest stage possible.

“I would like to thank our patrons Tirlán, ABP, Kerry Group and Dawn Meats who have helped to bring their farmers into this conversation.

“Hopefully engagement with Farming Through the Seasons can help us foster a lifelong love of Irish food among our children.”

Agri Aware has a whole host of farmers from a range of different backgrounds, enterprises and locations who are ready to share their stories with schools.

Any class or school who would like to get involved, just fill out our form here.