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Incredible Edibles School of the Week | St Patrick’s de la Salle NS Kilkenny

March 25, 2022

Michael Geary

Congratulations to our Incredible Edibles School of the Week. Well done to Ms Cleere’s 2nd Class in St Patrick’s de la Salle National School Kilkenny.

In task three of the programme, these students were busy planting their Growpacks. They are eagerly waiting to see the leaves sprout and plants grow. hopefully the sunny weather sticks around. It should be a great help for the plants.

Incredible Edibles

Well done all, Obair Iontach!

Teacher, Ms Cleere of 2nd Class in St Patrick’s de la Salle National School Kilkenny are currently working on Task 3 of the Incredible Edibles programme. They are having lots of fun tending to their seeds. The boys have planted their strawberry and potato plants straight into the ground in our school garden.

They have planted their carrot, chive, spinach, turnip and lettuce seeds inside until they begin to sprout! As the growing stars, they are patiently awaiting leaves to reach above the soil. They are learning all about the different parts of the plant, as well as what plants need to grow. They are really enjoying the Incredible Edibles program!!

Next for the school will be Task four, Preparing and Cooking It’s a great life skill. Now that your seeds have been sown and are growing in the garden, it is time to explore the kitchen!

The majority of food that we eat is prepared in the kitchen, so it is so important to explore how such food goes from its natural source to a delicious meal – ready to eat!