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Incredible Edibles in Primary Schools

Incredible Edibles is an award winning healthy eating  and growing programme. This hands-on SESE linked programme can strengthen geography, science and maths learning as well as giving pupils the tools to make better food choices.

Participating schools are sent free grow packs that contain seeds to grow strawberries, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, chives, carrots and turnips, as well as other materials to help them get started growing!

Incredible Edibles at Home

Our school project is open to all types of schools; mainstream, special and home schools. However, we know some children love to grow and explore the garden at home over the summer months too.

So, we have compiled some fun worksheets and experiments for you to do in the garden! From making a mini greenhouse to your own wormery!

Click on Read More for some fun gardening and wellbeing activities.


Incredible Edibles for Early Years

The Incredible Edibles for Early Years accommodates the Early Years curriculum with regards to wellbeing, by engaging young children in the The Incredible Edibles for early years prioritises the principals of early learning and development, specifically the themes of exploring and thinking and wellbeing.