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Branching Out

Branching Out is a new, interactive programme that aims to increase primary school children's knowledge and understanding of the importance of forests.


Agri Aware identified the need to raise awareness of the vital role forestry and woodlands play in the lives of people of all ages, from both rural and urban areas varying from job creation, global warming mitigation measures, recreational facilities, wood products and much more.

As a result, Branching Out was designed to engage students at the primary level (3rd-6th class) on all aspects of the forestry and woodland sectors in Ireland.

The programme consists of five key modules. Within each of these modules, there are primary curriculum links, objectives, keywords, information, learning outcomes and suggested activities that can be completed within the classroom.


Programme Modules:

1. Hand in Hand with the Land - Farmers and Forests
2. Curbing Carbon and Spearheading Sustainability
3. Forest Flora and Fauna
4. Wonderful Woodworks
5. Walk Through the Woodlands

Curriculum Links:

Geography: Human environments; Natural Environments; Environmental Awareness and Care
Science: Living things; Energy and Forces; Materials; Environmental Awareness and Care
SPHE: Myself; Myself and Others; Myself and the Wider World
Physical Education: Outdoor and adventure activities

Downloads & Resources

Everything you need for your primary school class to take part in 'Branching Out'

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