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Branching Out

Branching Out is a new, interactive programme that aims to increase primary school children's knowledge and understanding of the importance of forests.


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Programme Modules:

1. Hand in Hand with the Land - Farmers and Forests
2. Curbing Carbon and Spearheading Sustainability
3. Forest Flora and Fauna
4. Wonderful Woodworks
5. Walk Through the Woodlands

Programme Modules:

Geography: Human environments; Natural Environments; Environmental Awareness and Care
Science: Living things; Energy and Forces; Materials; Environmental Awareness and Care
SPHE: Myself; Myself and Others; Myself and the Wider World
Physical Education: Outdoor and adventure activities

Downloads & Resources

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Downloads & Resources

Download your FREE branching out programme containing 5 interactive modules to help your primary school class understand more about the importance of forests and the part they play in our lives.

Supplemental Worksheets:

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