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Mary Robinson opens Agri Aware Farm to Fork Experience on Lidl Farm

October 6, 2022

Michael Geary

The Agri Aware Farm to Fork Experience on the Lidl Farm was officially opened by former Irish President Mrs Mary Robinson. The two companies have combined to create an agricultural learning experience for schoolchildren.


Using lands at its Newbridge distribution centre in County Kildare, supported by Agri Aware and one of its key suppliers Meade Farm, Lidl has turned 8.5 acres of land into a free educational resource. Visitors will be brought into a specially made facility to learn about how local produce is sourced, how crops grow and then will get a practical demo of crop growing. Additionally tours of the Lidl distribution centre will also be offered which will provide children with some insight into how the retail supply chain works.

Lidl Farm Booking

Alan Jagoe, Chairman of Agri Aware said : “Agri Aware are delighted to team up with Lidl Ireland to deliver the Farm to Fork Experience with Agri Aware to the Lidl Farm. Connecting schools with farming to help children understand where their food comes from is one of our key missions as an organisation, and the Lidl Farm is a perfect platform to enhance that learning.”

“The Farm to Fork Experience with Agri Aware is a project brimming with positivity for agriculture, giving children hands-on learning about their food. This Agri Aware partnership will help foster a long-term connection between the consumers of tomorrow and Irish food.”

The farm will operate with a booking system where schools can book slots to visit. Lidl will not be charging anything for the tours, with schools only needing to cover their own transport costs to get there, making this an affordable school trip which will be welcome news to many parents. The tours are aimed at 2nd to 6th classes. Tours will run during the months of September, October and from April until the end of the school year in June.

Lidl CEO J.P. Scally said, “The promotion of healthy eating is a key element of our sustainability strategy at Lidl. The Lidl Farm will provide an excellent opportunity for the school children of Ireland to gain a better understanding of where their food comes from.

“As keen supporters of the Irish agriculture industry, we are delighted to partner with Agri Aware on this project. Agri Aware are fantastic advocates for education around the crucial role that farming and the agri-food industry plays in the Irish economy.

“Throughout the month of September we have had hundreds of children visit the Lidl Farm for trial tours and we are now pleased to officially open the farm and look forward to welcoming thousands of more students in the coming years.”

To learn more and for schools to register an interest in visiting the Lidl Farm go to: