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Incredible Edibles School of the Week | Kilmyshall NS Co Wexford

May 18, 2022

Michael Geary

Congratulations to Ms Carol Dunne in Kilmyshall NS Co Wexford and the brilliant work from her fourth class. They are our Incredible Edibles School of the week.

Obair Iontach!

The pupils have been taking part in the Agri Aware Incredible Edibles healthy food programme. Here they learn to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The project supports their school Healthy Eating policy by partaking in Healthy Eating Week. This year being celebrated in schools from May 9th – 15th.

Ms Dunne told Agri Aware all about the Incredible Edibles activities during Healthy Eating Week in her class:

"This week we are supplying fruit and vegetable tasting activities to the whole school. Yesterday we gave everyone apples, pears, cucumber and peaches.

"Tuesday we made up mini fruit kebabs on cocktail sticks and gave every child in the school 3 portions. They loved it.

"Wednesday we made wrap pizzas with vegetable toppings and every child in the school got a slice of pizza. They loved it.

"On Thursday we made some vegetable soup and gave every child in our school a cupful. It was a great success.

"Friday was hummus day with carrot and celery sticks. Many of the children had never eaten hummus before but they gave it a try. Great week eating fruit and vegetables in a fun way."