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Incredible Edibles School of the Week | St Joseph’s National School, Co. Cork

April 21, 2023

Michael Geary

School of the Week – 21/04

Congratulations to our Incredible Edibles School of the Week Ms. Meehan’s Junior Infant class of St Joseph’s National School in Co. Cork.

Task 3 – Planting and growing

Mary Porter in the school has a huge interest in growing produce and she taught students about what vegetables you can plant in Ireland at this time of year. Afterwards the pupils planted potatoes, spinach, onions and lettuce with Mary.

Pupils also had the pleasure of a visit from Farmer Ben on his tractor. The class also looked at videos of the farmers on the Incredible Edibles website which included some farmers from Cork.

For homework, students researched where food comes from and learned that lots of things are grown in Cork, like potatoes. Ms Meehan says that all the Junior Infants are loving the experience so far.

Well done all and keep up the good work!