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Incredible Edibles School of the Week | St Aidan’s Parish School

February 10, 2023

Michael Geary

Congratulations to our Incredible Edibles School of the week, Ms. Dagg’s 6th class from St Aidan’s Parish School.

As part of Task 1 of Incredible Edibles, Ms. Dagg’s class has been learning about food origins!

When starting Task 1, Ms. Dagg’s class classified different processed and unprocessed foods. The pupils then looked at the process of bread being made starting from wheat all the way to their lunch boxes.

Then Ms. Dagg’s class was lucky enough to have a farmer speak to them about his cows and his farm. They learned all about the different types of cows, and how different cows provide us with meat or milk. 6th class then got to paint their own cows!

They also looked at unprocessed foods like fruit and vegetables and identified root vegetables. Ms. Dagg then asked them to draw their own fruit bowls as a part of art class!


Well done to all in Ms. Dagg’s class! Obair iontach!