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Agri Aware launches its festive campaign ‘Savour Local Flavour this Christmas’

December 12, 2023

Michael Geary

On Monday, December 11 Agri Aware launched its festive social media video campaign ‘Savour Local Flavour this Christmas’ which is to recognise and support the work Irish farmers do to produce food 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

There is no time like Christmas, when families come together to enjoy local fresh Irish produce and Agri Aware is looking to showcase the faces that produce the food we savour at Christmas this festive season.

From delicious meat to flavoursome vegetables, Irish farmers grow and produce food that caters to the needs of everyone at the dinner table and we at Agri Aware want to showcase that this Christmas.

Agri Aware is looking to highlight the importance you, as an Irish farmer, does and give some well-deserved recognition through showcasing the origin of local food you produce that will be served at the dinner table this Christmas.

Led by Agri Aware this campaign is farmer driven with the ask being for farmers in 30 seconds to introduce themselves and proudly showcase the food they produce, and the important role agriculture plays in putting food on the tables of a nation. Furthermore, to spread the word of this campaign, the ask is to tag @agriaware on all social media platforms and using the hashtag #savourlocal when posting their video on social media.

The campaign will run from Monday, December 11 until Sunday, December 24.

Speaking about the launch of this important campaign, Agri Aware chairman Shay Galvin said: “It’s critical that we continue to highlight the work that farmers do to produce quality sustainable food.

“At a time when Irish farmers are under pressure to remain viable be it due to economic, policy or environmental pressures, it’s important we take a step back and remember the work farmers do across all sectors to put food on our tables.

“At times, we can take for granted the work farmers do when we simply walk into the shop to pick up a carton of milk, a pound of butter, vegetables or a cut of delicious meat from the butcher counter.

“This campaign we are launching and running up to Christmas is to put faces to the produce we are lucky to buy in the shop and give credit where it’s often not given.

“We are asking farmers across the country, across all sectors to showcase who they are, what they produce, and the important role agriculture plays in feeding consumers nationally and internationally through this festive social media campaign.”