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Farming through the Seasons | Virtual Farm Tours

May 19, 2022

Thom Malone


Farming Through the Seasons is a new, interactive programme. We will bring farmers into the classroom virtually. It aims to increase primary school children's knowledge and understanding of what happens on our farms.

Over the past three decades or so, there have been concerns about society's disconnect between people and their food. This knowledge gap impacts human health, respect for food producers, willingness to pay for food and awareness of animal welfare standards.

For many young children, their experience of the origin of their food is the supermarket shelf. There is a current and growing concern for the consumers of the future and how little they may know about or appreciate the origin of their food.

There are so many agricultural enterprises that are important for a balanced diet and play a crucial role in Ireland's heritage and economy. These stories must also be brought into the classroom.

Farming Through the Seasons will do just that as Agri Aware virtually brings farmers into the classroom.

Farming Through the Seasons

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